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Welcome to the scrambled metaverse

NFTY Eggs is a collection of 9,999 unique eggs, waiting to hatch, waiting to start vibing!

Attributes & Rarities

(Actual rarity may differ from those stated)








NFTy Eggs’ FAQs

These NFTy Eggs are ready to be adopted! Some FAQ’s to help you understand them.
What are NFTY Eggs?
These NFTY Eggs are ready to get hatched! Some FAQ’s to help you understand our roadmap and what we’re all about!
How were the nfty eggs created?
Each unique NFTY Egg has been created algorithmically by mixing a variety of different traits and categories such as: Background, Eyes, Mouth, Headwear and props.
Where do these NFTy Eggs Live?
The entire collection will be hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain, with Opensea being our primary market.
When can I buy one?
500 spots allocated to whitelisted participants and remaining can be minted publicly at launch. Sweepstakes will be announced later.
What’s the minting cost?
- Whitelisted Mint: 0.0025ETH
- Pre-Sale Mint: 0.0025ETH
- Public Mint: 0.003ETH

Additional FAQs

The Contract is ERC-721 on Ethereum blockchain.
Do I own full copyrights to NFTy Eggs I own?
Yes. You can collect them, show them off, hold for future benefits or even burn them if you so desire.
Can I mint through a phone?
Yes - only metamask mobile app
Will there be any NFTy Eggs withheld from the public sale?
Yes, 100 (for giveaways, marketing and team)
What are the royalty fees for secondary sales of NFTy Eggs?
5% + 2.5% (OpenSea platform fee) = 7.5% total

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